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Eight kinds of drying equipment used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry

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Drying equipment in industrial use on a very wide range, many areas will need to use drying equipment, the same drying apparatus also has an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, it will bring eight kinds of drying equipment used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Eight kinds of drying equipment used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

(1) with a dryer

Belt dryer consists of several independent units segments. Each cell segment includes a circulating fan, heating means, or a separate utilities fresh air drawn into the exhaust system and the exhaust system. The number of drying medium, temperature, humidity and exhaust gas circulation amount of operating parameters can be controlled independently, thus ensuring optimized belt dryer work reliability and operating conditions. Flexible operation with dry machine, wet feed material, the drying process carried out in a completely sealed cabinets, better working conditions, to avoid dust leakage. Good ventilation for drying sheet, strip, granular materials, for dehydrated vegetables, Chinese Herbal Medicine and other high water content and temperature of the material does not allow high material particularly suitable.

(2)Roller scraper dryer

Roller scraper dryer is by turning the cylinder to heat conduction mode, it will be attached to the outer wall of the liquid material or strip material, dried in a continuous operation of the device. Liquid material to be dried by the process of inflow header tank by drum dryer within the trough. Drying cylinders in the actuator, driven by a predetermined rotational speed. Material from the cloth membrane device, the drum wall forming material film. Continuous tube through the heating medium, the heating cylinder, the tube wall heat transfer wet material film vaporization points, and then dried by a doctor blade to achieve the required material scraped off by the screw conveyor into the storage tank, for packaging. Removed by evaporation of moisture, depending on the nature of the cover can be closed, the introduction of the corresponding processing device; generally water vapor, can be put directly to the exhaust pipe from the top of the hood of the atmosphere. It is mainly used to process liquid materials, can pass into the steam, hot water or hot oil heated and dried, but also through the sheeting into cold water to cool. We may use immersion, spray, grinding and other auxiliary formula feeding methods depending on the material properties and process requirements.

(3)Hollow paddle dryer (blade dryers)

Hollow paddle dryer also known as blade dryer is mainly composed of W-shaped body and two hollow blade shaft and gear with a jacket composition. Lined with hollow shaft blade, shaft mounted rotary joint medium heat import. Heat drying the water required by the W-shaped groove with a jacket and an inner wall of the hollow blade wall conduction to the material. The material in the drying process, hollow shaft with a hollow in the blade to the material while heating and stirring the material, thereby updating the heating surface. It is a continuous conductive heating dryer. Heating medium is steam, hot water or thermal oil. Heating medium into the housing through the jacket and two hollow blade shaft to heat conduction way the material is heated and dried different materials hollow blade shaft structure is different. It applies to handle a variety of good paste, granules, powder and thermal stability of materials under special conditions and heat sensitive materials can be dried to recover the solvent in the drying process. Commonly used in carbon black, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, barium carbonate, acid nitriles, gypsum, clay, manganese dioxide, and Juzhiqiepian nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, drying or cooling (solvent recovery), and other materials.

(4)Rake vacuum dryer

Founder intermediate dry material is added from the vacuum rake dryer housing, stirring constantly rotating rake teeth, with the housing wall when the material contacting surfaces continuously updated material to be dried by steam (or hot water, thermal oil ) indirect heating, but the material moisture vaporization of water vaporized in a timely manner is sucked away by the vacuum pump. Heating the dried material by indirect heat carrier, so that the material in the water to vaporize water vaporized promptly discharged by the vacuum pump.

Since the operation of the higher degree of vacuum, generally in the range of 400 ~ 700mmHg, the surface of the material to be dried is much greater than the water vapor pressure of the water vapor pressure within the vapor space of the dryer housing. Thus contributing discharged DRYING moisture and surface moisture is conducive to movement of water molecules in the material to be dried, to achieve the purpose of drying. Rake vacuum machine is suitable for heat-sensitive, easily oxidized materials at high temperatures or when dry and easy to harden the material, and the material to be dried in the exhaust steam recovery. Typical dry materials are propylene sulfonate, CMC, phthalocyanine blue, dye intermediates, carboxymethyl starch, maltodextrin, anthraquinone acid.

(5)Double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer as a little olive-shaped body, both ends of the cover, the intermediate shaft is provided to support the body of the two. There the body of the jacket to heat, drying the body of rotatable, so that the material changed frequently in contact with the wall, to overcome the shortcomings of the material in a vacuum oven heated cylinder mainly rely on low heat conduction efficiency. Rotary vacuum dryer has been used widely in the chemical, pharmaceutical, large viscosity or in rotation during strong attachment material does not apply. The equipment is mainly used to concentrate the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries powder, granular and fibrous materials, mixing, drying and the need for low-temperature drying of materials (such as biological products, etc.), more suitable for oxidation, volatile, heat-sensitive strongly stimulated, dried and not permitted to destroy toxic crystal materials.

(6)Spray Dryer

Spray drying is a process liquid process shaping and drying industry is the most widely used. Ideal for generating powdery, granular solid product from the solution, emulsions, suspensions and pasty liquid feedstock. Thus, when the finished product particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape must meet the precision standard, the spray drying is an ideal process.

(7)Vacuum oven

Because after decompression, evaporation material contained in the volatiles evaporating temperature can be reduced for a variety of thermal, easy oxide material drying. This often means cylindrical bearing housing or other vacuum operated inside an electric heat or hot water, thermal oil is heated by a hot plate or heating pipe, suitable for small-volume batch production.

Oven is a versatile drying equipment, wide applicability, is a dish rack intermittent drying equipment used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food. Heating light industry, heavy industry materials and products for curing, drying dehydration. As raw material medicine, medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, extracts, powders, granules, powder, pill, packing bottle, pigment dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruit, sausages, plastic resin, electric elements, drying varnish and so on.

(8)Spin flash dryer

Dried material into the drying chamber via a spiral input device, the lower part of the paddle dryer crushed, pulverized materials and hot air full access to the dual role paddle and airflow distributor and drying up liquidity through the classifier screening qualified size and humidity of materials rotary dryer downward until the compliance date.

Features: fast drying. 1-10 seconds to complete dryer; residence time can be adjusted. Can be adjusted between 1-500s for drying heat-sensitive materials; various feed means for selecting, feeding continuous and stable, no bridging phenomenon; inside the drying chamber gas velocity high, short residence time, effectively prevent the material sticky wall and the heat-sensitive material deterioration; drying chamber equipped with grading ring and swirl sheet material fineness and final moisture adjustable controllable; high dry strength.

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