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Rice Dryer market will be a new trend

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Most Chinese like to eat rice, but also China's grain planting rice accounted for a large proportion. With the updated farm equipment, a number of aspects of rice cultivation are mechanized. By rainfall damp environmental impacts, future rice dryer will play an important role in rice eligible income in rice dryer market will be a new trend.

Rice is an important part of drying grain after harvest. Because the harvest field in order to reduce shattering losses must pay attention to timely harvest, and timely harvest grain moisture content is large, if not dried grain will cause mildew and rot. Rice is a visible drying can not be ignored. 

For the current situation of grain drying equipment, combined with the vast rural market demand, the development of domestic grain drying equipment will show the following trends:

(1) rice dryer production capacity should be large-scale development, the future need to develop processing capacity of 20-30 tons of equipment per hour.

(2) design a high-moisture grain down safety standards for equipment requiring a decline of more than 10%. To this end, there are two ways: First, the use of joint drying method, the drying unit is about two kinds of the above drying method of synthesis of a new drying process, such as high-temperature fast flow of the wet grain dryer preheating, then drum dryer for drying at a lower temperature. Rice drying technology from the current development of the countries of the world, this is a trend. Second, the design of high performance rice flash dryer.

(3) the application of advanced control technology, to achieve the drying process to an automated or semi-automated direction.

(4) high temperature can quickly handle large quantities of high moisture rice.

(5) study of coal-fired energy, indirect energy efficient rice dryer is still the main direction, but should also explore new energy rice dryers, such as microwave energy, solar energy.

(6) Rural rice dryer should be small, multi-direction required to move, easy to operate, less investment and to ensure the quality of rice and dried.

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