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Safe use of hot air circulation oven and four points to note

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Hot air circulation oven is formed of angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel. Insulation by high density silicate cotton filled, high density silicate cotton to ensure the oven's insulation, but also to ensure the safety of the user. Heater installation location, but the bottom, top, or sides. With a significant number of intelligent instrument to control the temperature. Hot air circulation oven duct design, there are two: horizontal and vertical air blowing!

Features: The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet, the surface electrostatic spray process, the appearance of new, durable. Studio High quality stainless steel or cold-rolled steel sheet, with high temperatures, corrosion resistance, no smoke and so on. Active pull-grid, increasing the storage space inside the material middle of the door with double glass observation window at any time to observe the situation in the working chamber is heated items. Hot air circulation oven is the use of electric heating wire barrier object drying equipment.

It is suitable for higher than room temperature 5 ~ 300 ℃ (some high 200 ℃) range of baking, drying, heat treatment, the sensitivity is usually ± 1 ℃. Many of its models, but the basic structure is similar, generally consists of three parts box, electric system and automatic temperature control system. Its use and precautions are summarized as follows:

1. The hot air circulation oven must be placed indoors in a dry and level place to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. pay attention to safe use of electricity, enough installed capacity of power guillotine power consumption based on hot air circulation oven. Using adequate power supply cable, and should have good ground.

3. The electric contact mercury thermometer with thermostat electric contact thermometer should be two wires were connected to the two terminals on the top of the box. The other will be an ordinary mercury thermometer inserted into the exhaust valve, (exhaust valve is used to proof electric contact thermometer mercury thermometer and observe the actual temperature inside use) to open the vent holes. Adjusting the electrical contact mercury thermometers to screw fastening steel cap on the desired temperature in order to achieve the purpose of the thermostat. But care must be taken not to adjust the scale indicating the iron spin to the outside.

4. When all preparations before the sample into the hot air circulation oven, and then connect and turn on the power, the red indicator light that the box has been heated. When the temperature reached the controlled temperature, the red light is off the green light to start the thermostat. In order to prevent the temperature control failure, we must also take care of.

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