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Spray drying desulfurization technology in the protection of ecological environment

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Since the world's energy consumption increased year by year, as a coal burning thorough use of energy, releasing large amounts of sulfur dioxide, and its regional acid rain, it has caused serious environmental pollution, which destroys the ecological balance, causing a large area of forest plot the destruction of soil acidification of lakes, buildings corrosion.

Therefore, the control and reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions is a very important task. Among the desulfurization technology, removing the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas is a technology more and more attention by a spray drying method. This technology is at the beginning of the 1970s, the study of the late 1970s has been put into commercial operation. It is less investment, simple operation, high efficiency of sulfur addition, no secondary pollution, compared with the wet flue gas desulfurization extensive use of powder products formed by spray drying desulfurization greater selectivity and development value.

An important prerequisite for spray drying technology can be widely used plastic sulfur is the ability to solve the problem of rational exploitation of the bulk powder after drying sulfates. Can be regenerated as the absorbent, some dry material can be recycled, as was Tim filling the earth, into the retarder for cement paste, made from granulated artificial sand as filler materials instead of the usual concrete and asphalt.

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