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Chinese medicine extract special spray dryer and high-speed extraction rate comparison

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ZPG medicine extract special Spray Dryer Spray Dryer, Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray device is centrifugal spray drying technology in particular material drying, but also high-speed centrifugal atomization allows material dispersed into a mist, full contact with the hot air to complete the instant drying, a dry powder means finished.

ZPG medicine extract special dryer is designed to solve medicine Spray and plant extracts of traditional Chinese medicine extract special drying machine to solve the following material that appears in the original LPG high speed in medicine extract spray dryer drying:   
When the liquid material (filtered liquid material) into a high-speed rotating disk centrifugal atomization, the role of the rotating disk material liquid by centrifugal force in the rotating surface of the film and to continue to extend to the edge of the movement leading to wall material viscosity, yield extraction rate It will be lower.

Atomized already when leaving the edge, after droplets of atomized (greatly increased surface area) and the hot heat exchange with air, within 10-30 seconds quickly complete the drying process, if the length of stay on the wall material, the material produced coking deterioration and difficult to clean, does not meet the GMP requirements.

In conclusion will lead to low yields, such as LPG-150 type spray dryer, the yield can only handle 50-60kg / h feed solution. The ZPG medicine extract special drying machine is fully enclosed, all parts are made of stainless steel, with three purification devices, filtered air reached 100,000 level requirements. Simplified and top with cold wall means so that the temperature is below the tower wall tower gas temperature reaches 10 ℃, the material in the walls of the residence does not produce coking deterioration phenomenon, greatly increasing the yield rate of the powder, but does not produce sticky wall phenomenon.

In view of the above situation, I plant in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine extract material properties and process requirements and design a new type of Chinese medicine extract spray dryer, good color material after drying, not bad, greatly improve the economic efficiency of drying equipment manufacturers.

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