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  • RL Melting Granulator
  • RL Melting Granulator

RL Melting Granulator

Product Keywords:Melting Granulator
Description:The powder raw material and adhesive in a cylinder are fully mixed at the bottom to become a humid soft material. Then it is cut by high-speed cutter and become uniform granules .
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General Descriptions
RL granulator uses the characteristic of material which melting point is lower than 250 °C and in accordance with the range of viscosity of material when it is molten and adapts special material distributing device to spread molten material onto steel belt with constant moving speed. Under cooling action of continuous spraying device under s teel belt, material will be cooled, solidified, packed during the period of transmission and movement. In this way the purpose of granulating and shaping will be reached.

The product is new style (molten property) molding granulator. Adapt thin steel belt to transmit heat and spraying cooling to make molten liquid solidify and shape quickly. Because of adapting single machine to rotate outer case, it features easy to maintain, less worn, high productive efffciency, simple and quick to assemble and disassemble and exchange product. Moreover the molding machine through mould laid down and steel belt will be operated synchronistically, so that it can produce uniform ingot granule at high speed and raise productive efffciency and increase profit and also eliminate powder dust, improve environment and expand the range of viscosity obviously. The product has economic and reliable productive process and can process φ4~12 mm of ingot granule. The products are very uniform and appear semi-ball, strip or sheet, stable, without thermal stress, high purity and quality , and its operation becomes more stable as this equipment is equipped filter and cleaning devices.
According to the di erence of melting point (freezing point), temperature, viscosity and cooling ef fect of material to be processed, choose transmission speed and the speed of machine head in order to avoid af fecting productive capacity and the quality of granule.

The machine can turn liquid into solid granule. It uses granulating die to granulate and can be carried out continuously through rotation and cooled and shaped through spraying water to cool and shape.
  The machine consists of laid down mould granulating shaping machine head, stainless steel belt for cooling and transmission, belt wheel, spraying and cooling system, transmission system, heat insulation device, machine frame, drawknife, etc. mainly. The laid down mould granulating shaping machine head consists of die blank of machine head, mandril of machine head, etc. mainly. The spraying and cooling system consists of nozzle, pool, etc. mainly. The transmission system consists of gearbox (speed reducer), speed control motor, etc.

Material to be dried
The product is suitable for all kinds of material to be granulated that has 50 °C~300 °C of melting point (or softening point) and material with the characteristicof “super-cooling crystal ”.

Technical Requirement
Material must be ltered. Solid impurity is not permitted to enter into machine head. Otherwise it can lead worn or block of machine head and af fect granulating quality.

Temperature control should be decided in accordance with melting point of mateial. Heat insulation requires that the change of temperature should not be more than±3°C。 Filtering screen should be installed at cooling system. In general the temperature of cooling water should be at 5 °C~25°C (The lower the temperature of water , the fast the shaping and good granule, high output).

General Descriptions
This equipment is a new (fusibility) moulding granulator . Liquid cool and become solid during the transportation. Raw mater ials whose melting point in the range of 50°C-300 °C all can granulate. No dust, improving producing environment; Having some economical value(saving energy, cheap container packa ging), Its fast to change new products, granules have beautiful appearance with equable size and half ball; G ranules are easy to be packed, transported and stored, and also it is easy to calculate for the user . Granule can be mixed and melted again, which realizes continuous production. Labor intensity is low from feeding to packaging, having stepless speed adjust, adjustable flux, convenient operation. It is widely used for petroleum, fine chemical such industries. This equipment can produce different granule, such as strip, clump and piece; Poisonous raw materials can be operated in close container.

Melting Granulator

Technical Parameter

Type RL60-A RL60-B RL60-C RL60-D RL120-A RL120-B RL120-C RL120-D
Effective heat transfer area(m2 2.6 3.6 4.6 5.3 7.3 9.3 10.8 16.6
Power of main /auxiliary motor(kw) 1.5/0.75 1.5/0.75 1.5/1.1 1.5/1.1 3/1.5 3/1.5 3/1.5 4/2.2
Overall dimensions(mm) 5600×1200
Productive capacity (kg/h) 80-100 100-150 120-180 150-250 300-380 360-420 380-500 500-800
Total weight (kg) 1360 1580 1880 2060 2380 2590 2830 4210
  • RL Melting Granulator
  • RL Melting Granulator

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