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  • QG/ JG/ FG Airflow Dryer
  • QG/ JG/ FG Airflow Dryer

QG/ JG/ FG Airflow Dryer

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Description:QG Series Pulse Air Flow Dryer is a large quantity production drier, it adopt instant drying principle, utilize hot air’s quick move to drive damp raw material and make it oats in the hot a ir, this can strengthen…
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QG Series Airflow Dryer

The QG Series Airflow Dryer is a mass quantity drying equipment, which adopts instant drying technology. It utilizes the fast-moving hot air to lead the wet material and keep it suspended in the hot air and this strengthen the drying process and improve heat and mass transfer rate. The unbound water of dried material is almost completely removed (for example: the initial moisture of starch material is ≤40%, the final moisture can be 13.5%). The dried material will not deteriorate which ensure higher quality than common dryers and ensure the users can achieve a higher economic return in the short time.

This dryer is widely applied for drying granule and powder in the industries of chemical, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, construction materials, plastic; such as starch, fish powder, salt, lees, gluten, feed, plastic resin, coal powder, A.B.C benzoic acid, 2,3 acid, PVC, polypropylene, sodium sulfate, sodium pyrosulfite.

Technical Parameter

Model \ Item evaporated moisture
epuipped power
occupied area
QG50 50 9 16 9
QG100 100 21 26 11
QG200 200 39 35 13
QG250 250 48 51 15
QG500 500 60 78 16
QG1000 1000 135 105 18
QG1500 1500 168 120 19

* If the moisture of finished product should be less than0.5%,please order pulse air stream drier.Moreover it should be epuipped with pulse duster,spray duster.Its price should be discussed face to face.
* The above is the largest evaporation.


JG Series Airflow Dryer

The JG Series Airflow Dryer can rapidly remove moisture from the granules or powder that is easy to dehydrate (mainly water in surface). Because the raw material stayed in the dryer only for a short time so the quality of finished products can be controlled to the best conditions. Our factory developed a reinforced device with stepless speed exchange based on basic dryer. When the wet raw material is fed through screw feeder, it will be fully mixed with hot airflow and the rotating knives will crush it into fine granule. The granule dries during the movement to the outlet and it finally enters the drying pipe under absorbing of air force. The humidity and heavy granule that is not absorbing of air force. At the place it is dried further. The humidity and heavy granule that is not absorbed by air will be continuously crushed and dried until it entered the drying pipe.

This dryer is suitable for high moisture materials, paste materials, and other raw materials that can’t be dried with other airflow dryers; such as copolymer of vinyl acetate and chloroethylene, cellulose acetate, catalyst, C.M.C, CT-1 resin, burnt plaster, electrolytic manganese dioxide, anthraquinone ammonium sulphonate, flour, diatomaceous, silica gel catalyst, born powder, potassium perchlorate sulfonamide, synthesis resin, active gluten, active argil, chemical filter cake, titanium dioxide, decanedioic acid, cooper sulphate, aluminum sulphate, sodium sulphate, calcium phosphate, starch, dyestuff, calcium citrate, coal earth, cement, compounds, ferric oxide, organic fuel, maize albumen feed, mica powder, medicine, dyestuff, paper pulp of potassium perchromate, lees residue, and etc.


FG Series Airflow Dryer

The drying process of FG Series Airflow Dryer is divided into two steps. First step: Utilize the tail air from second grade drying and mix with the supplemental hot air to process the first grade drying under positive pressure. The waste wet air will be exhaust out after reused. Second step: Use fresh air to process the second drying under negative pressure. The finished product will be measured and packaged. The high temperature and low moisture tail air is used for the first grade drying which creates a complete circulation process. The supplementary hot air may be adjusted freely.

This dryer is widely used for drying granule and powder materials for foodstuff, chemical, pharmaceutical and construction materials industries; such as starch, glucose, fish powder, sugar, edible sugar, lees, feed, plastic resin, coal powder, dyestuff, and etc.

  • Airflow Dryer
  • Airflow Dryer

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